Changing soundfonts in Musescore 3

• Mar 13, 2019 - 16:41

I have just installed version 3 . I wish to make TimGM6mb (which I have been using in version 2) as my default soundfont in version 3.
How can I do this?
Advice would be much appreciated.


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Thanks Shoici
The problem I have is that when I follow the instruction "After finding and decompressing a SoundFont (see →below), double-click to open it. In most cases, the SoundFont file type will already be associated with MuseScore, and MuseScore will start and a dialog will appear asking if you want to install the SoundFont",
Musescore 2 opens, not Musescore 3.
So, although I have Musescore 3 installed and working, I cannot get TimGM6mb.sf2 on it as my default soundfont.
Any further suggestions?



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The easiest way is to open version 2, open edit->preferences then copy the path in soundfonts. You can then open the version 3 preferences, put a ; on the end of the path and paste the path. You will then get all of the version 2 & 3 soundfonts listed in the synthesizer. There is then no need to reinstall any soundfonts and you have the new version 3 soundfont at your disposal if you ever want it.

I have been trying to use alternate sound fonts with not much luck at all. when i download a font file and decompress it there is usually many files as a result.

im assuming all of these files have to be copied over to the sound font folder so:

should i remove the default sound font file that was installed with muscore?
do i have to use the "set as defauilt" on every sound font file? i thought only one can be a default
scores that i have instruments assigned sounds to - would i have to reassign all the instruments in those scores with the new sound font files?

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It sounds like you might be using an sfz sound font (though not necesarily) that you will find in the zerberus tab. See for information on soundfonts in general incuding sfz and fluid soundfonts (sf2, sf3 and sfark files). You don't need to remove any existing soundfont. As long as you don't go into the synthesizer and load it, it will never affect your program.

Once you get the soundfonts set up to your liking using the synthesizer's add, remove and arrow buttons, you can click Set default to make this the synthesizer setup that MuseScore uses whenever you start MuseScore. Any changes you make to the synthesizer will be forgotten if you close and reopen MuseScore, unless you click Set default, then these setting will always be used be default until you set a new default. Note that the set default button is always visible in the synthesizer, clicking it saves ALL settings in ALL tabs.

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Can each score have its own defaults? so each score can use its own soundfont? or would I need to reload the correct sound font when opening up an individual score? My original pieces are suppose to have the Musescore soundfont. My new pieces will have new fonts for piano and guitar. But when I use the new fonts on my new pieces, the new sound fonts apply to the old pieces and all the instruments play out as guitar. So for now, each time I want to play an old piece, I got back and chose Musescore sound font. Is that the way to do it?

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It saves it only in that score, but what doesn't happen automatically is the "load from score".

So the synth will always show what you've Saved as Default when opening the software. You may then "load from score" for a given score, but be aware that the Synth is not score specific, so any score currently opened will then use that synth settings for playback.
You may then press the Load from Score button every time you switch to a different score to ensure that the synth settings are in sync with that score.

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Load from score works, except it fills up the synth with duplicates of soundfonts that were there by default, making the soundfont list grow and grow. Am I safe to delete any of the duplicates?
Also, if I want to revert back to the Musescore SoundFont, which might be way at the bottom of the list, should I just press the top arrow key a few times, or should I press the double arrow key, above the top arrow key? It's hard to tell what works, because of loading delays.

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