Staff text in linked staff.

• Apr 4, 2019 - 18:45

Is it normal that a linked staff not duplicate a staff text?

Staff text.PNG



Normal that as far as I know this has been how it has always worked, and I assume this was by request of users, as I don't recall any recent requests to change this. But to me it's questionable. I might rather see it duplicated by default but then be able to hide it if desired.

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I agree. It's unnecessarily redundant when both staves are shown.
Staff text applies to the staff upon which it is notated. If one deletes the treble staff, the staff text gets deleted too.

If one applies system text to the treble staff (and although still not duplicated in the linked TAB), it will pass to the TAB staff upon deletion of the treble staff.
This is good...
For example, one can use the linked staff feature and enter standard notation (on the treble staff) to create a TAB staff for a friend who can't read standard music notation. The treble staff can be deleted and the system text will appear on the remaining TAB staff (i.e., the sheet for the friend).

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For the same reason, it is also redundant that an arpeggiated appears and however appears duplicated in the linked staff.

I am a guitar teacher and I assure you that many students only look at the tablature information and forget about the top pentagram.

In some edition, specifically Rolling Stones music, I've seen that kind of information duplicated.

I think like Marc, I think it should appear duplicated by default with the option to hide.

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Usually, this kind of text is displayed in the middle of the glissando/slide (in Arpeggios & Glissandos palette), and in short (ie, "Sl.")
See how Guitar Pro program display that.


But be aware that this feature already exists with MuseScore, and therefore without the need to add any text later (and anyway, a text can be copied, simply and easily, if necessary)

So, after entering the glissando , just go to the Inspector (F8), choose the type of Straight or Wavy line, and edit the text here as you wish. Once this is done, it will be possible to place it in a customized palette for reuse.

See image below (made with 2.0.3: indeed, unfortunately, at this time with version 3, a bug prevents to take advantage of this possibility.) #287256: Glissando text change lost if placed in a palette and on Save-Reload


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I'm not talking about the slide in particular. The slide was an example of a particular score. I'm talking about the staff text in general (accel, rit, rubato, etc.).

I don't see it logical that if all the elements are duplicated (such as arpeggios, slurs, etc.) do not do the same with the staff text and there is the option to hide it.

But hey, it's an opinion, it's not very important either.

Thank you so much for your opinions.

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Same thing, you can already get this result by taking advantage of the fact that the lines are duplicated with linked staves (and it's not always an advantage, believe me, when you have to spend your time hiding redundant things, and which end up cluttering up your score if everything is systematically doubled - it was discussed long enough three years ago in memory, but it remained as it is)

So, anyhow, it is enough to open in the Inspector and the Lines palette, to edit the text of a line (for example the crescendo line, or the text line), and its style, if desired, to uncheck the visibility of this line, and to place everything in a palette for reuse. And it's done.


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