• Apr 9, 2019 - 14:20

This has probably been addressed before - if so plse direct me accordingly.
Say I have a new score. Somewhere along the score I decide I want change the dynamic from the default setting in the new score to, say, ff. A few bars later I want to go back to the default dynamics setting. How do I do this? The dynamics menu has nothing to enable one to get back to the default (start) dynamics. i.e. there is nothing available in the menu between mp and mf, which I would assume is the default dynamics setting that I started with. Nothing that I can see in the manual either.

Thanks, Henry


mf is the default. Or actualy and more correct: mf is (by default) set to the same velocity as the default velocity (uthe one used in absence of any dynamic).

More to the point though - independent of what the playback in the current version of MuseScore does by default if you omit a start dynamic, the musicians reading your score will not know how loud to play. You should never omit starting dynamics if you intend to use dynamics at all.

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