tie through enharmonic notes

• Apr 13, 2019 - 05:03

Suppose I wish to tie C# to Db, across a key signature change.

How to make Musescore play these tied notes as 1 note, not 2 notes? It does not seem to recognize the tie here.



I just tested this in 3.1-beta with an A# and Bb and it worked. I entered the A# and Bb, selected the A# and pressed + to apply the tie. They played as one note.

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For the record, this hasn't changed in some time, although the display is improved in 3.1 (the tie will now angle with the notes rather than appear horizontal). My guess is you were using a slur rather than a tie. or, you were upgrading from a very old version that didn't support this properly. But it worked in earlier 3.0 releases as well as 2.3.2.

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