3.1 Beta auto placement of tremolo

• Apr 23, 2019 - 16:17

In this short excerpt, imported from 2.3.2, the tremolo markings in measure 9 are out of place. (But not the ones in M. 10) I tried to delete and re-insert the markings, but they are still incorrect. A few clicks in the inspector fixed the problem, but perhaps this is something that should be addressed.

On another, related note, after fixing the placement, I used the undo function to return the markings to their "incorrect" positions so that you can see what I'm talking about. As it stands, each click in the inspector becomes an undo step. For example, each marking required three "x" clicks and three "y" clicks. That totals six undo steps. Is there any way to join clicks to completed groups, thereby reducing the number of undo steps?


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The reason the the tremolos look so bad is that the stems are both pointed down, and there is a large vertical difference between the two notes. If you select the first note in each tremolo and flip them (press S), the tremolos look much better. If you want to see the stem directions, delete the tremolo and you will see the half notes that make up the actual tremolo. These stem directions are honored on whole notes, even though you can't see the stems on them.

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Hi Mike,
I never would have thought that whole notes would require a stem value, or that as a latent element, it would affect the position of visible elements. You have to admit that it's pretty obscure to be assigning stem direction to stem-less notes. Left-hand tremolos of an octave are quite standard on keyboard instruments.

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I don't write the program, I just tell you what I've discovered from using it. If you've ever used tremolo on a single whole note and didn't like the direction the tremolo comes out of the note, you can select it and press x to flip it, because that's where the unseen stem it, the tremolo is attached to the invisible stem.

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