Decreasing width of last measure? Decrease Strech has no effect.

• Apr 29, 2019 - 15:19

I am trying to reduce the width of the last measure, which I am using as a percussion note key. I tried minimizing measure width in settings, decreasing stretch, and adding a horizontal frame, all unsuccessful. Any suggestions? I tried appending more measures at the end, which squeezes the key measure, but can't make them invisible as there is only one staff. I can live with the results, yes life is still worth living, but I am curious if there is a solution.




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I wasn't aware of the append horizontal frame command from the menu. I was using the insert horizontal frame the inspector which was inserting the frame before the selected last measure.

However, after appending the horizontal frame, it is not visible or selectable when "show frames" is selected under view. It changes the measure's width but I don't know where to click to adjust the frames width. Is this a potential bug? See attached score.

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I can't see a horizontal frame in 3.1-beta either. This sounds like a bug to me.

The problem is that the frame is too short (i.e. not tall) enough to be seen with a single line staff. The workaround is to add lines to the staff long enough to adjust the frame. Right click the staff, choose staff properties and add lines to the staff, adjust the frame then return the lines to one again.

It's always easier to assist from an actual score rather than just a picture. As it is, I can't see why this measure is as wide as it is to begin with. Understanding that would be necessary in order to give the best answer. but indeed, under normal conditions 9which it seems this is not), adding a frame and increasing it's width is a good way to control the width of the last system. Also see the fill threshold setting in Format / Style / Page.

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