Ability to place Repeat Text Below Staff

• May 6, 2019 - 05:09

MuseScore 2.3.2 contained the ability to place Repeat Text (D.C., D.S., D.S. al Fine, Fine) below the staff. For some strange reason, it appears impossible to do this in MuseScore 3.0. Is this a regression? Can there be a style-wide "Placement" setting like there is for System & Staff Text to allow the user to choose whether they want it above or below the staff?

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So, what's really weird about this, is that in MuseScore 2, the Jazz Lead Sheet template had the following style set by default for Repeat Text:

Y offset: 5.50sp
Align top edge of text to reference point

This would set the repeat text below the staff, as is the formatting in The Real Book.
It's impossible to do this on a style wide level now without having to manually edit the placement of said repeat text. It would be great though if we could have this text in that spot, and at the same time be affected by the collision detection algorithm like staff text.

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Actually, the setting still exists, and you can set it by hand-editing a template or MSS file - add a tag "repeatRightPlacement" and set it to "1" to place it below. Somehow I guess the Placement property this didn't make it into the Inspector for repeats. Could you file a bug report to the issue tracker, using Help / Issue tracker, above?

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