How to make a SoundFont usable for drum sets

• Aug 7, 2017 - 00:05

Hello everyone! I recently downloaded a drum SoundFont (sf2), that I would like to be able to use with drum sets. However, when loaded, it is only available as an option for pitched instruments. Is there a way to edit the SoundFont and/or Musescore xml files to make it usable with drum sets? Thanks ahead of time!


Because it only allows it as pitched instruments (I had the same issue when I first started doing soundfonts), you need to edit the soundfont (I use polyphone to do this, you can too, or use a different program). In polyphone, open the soundfont. When it opens, open up the Presets tab on the left. Change the bank to 128. Once that's corrected, it should work fine.

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