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• May 24, 2019 - 18:33

I would like to know if I can do that type of split staff. I've already tried creating 4 staves and hiding the empty ones. It works well but the name of the instruments will not be correct. And it cannot be marked as invisible neither changed manually, if so, all the next and previous systems will change the name too. In the following file I can show what I wanted it to look like. PLEASE HELP.

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That looks like you can use Format->style... hide empty staves and turn off the don't hide option immediately below it. Use this option after the staves that will be hidden have all of their notes on them so the don't disappear too soon.

This is the score I'm trying to edit and figure out a solution..... note, the second system with 4 staves should have the name only on the first system not on two of them, "soprano, contralto, tenor and baixo" should have the name only when it divides.

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This is completely great :) and that's what I was using to do but about the name of each instrument, it shouldn't be like that.... When divided it should appear the name of the 4 voices on the first time the system of 4 happen but on the following ones it shouldn't and I cannot hide.

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