The text style for even lyric lines is not saved

• May 25, 2019 - 14:40
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Add lyric lines to a score.
Change the style of even lines to a user defined style.
Save and close the score.
Reopen the score.
The style of even lyric lines is reset to the standard "Lyric even lines".
In the attached score verse two was set to "Blue text" and verse four to "Red text". But this seems not to be remembered.

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I can't seem to reproduce, but maybe I'm misunderstanding the steps. Are you talking about changing the actual text style for even lines, or selecting all lyrics in verse 2 and apply a coloring? oth work for me - and changing the text style works whether I use the style dialog or set as style in the Inspector, and the changes all survive save/reload. So can someone list a step by step procedure to reproduce a problem using 3.1 RC?

Select all text in verse 2. With the Inspector choose from the style list my user defined "Red text". This colores the text in red. Save the score and exit. After reload the style changed back to "Lyric even lines"

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OK, I understand. Instead of changing the lyrics to a user style, you probably are better off just changing the lyrics even style, which is what I thought you were trying to do. But yes, it should somehow be possible for us to realize the user has set a different style and not automatically apply the even style.

Reported version 3.0  

I confirm this is still an issue as of (2021/09/18).

For example, I like to have the lyrics of all Choruses in italics. In v2, I would select all lyrics in those systems and apply a custom text style ('Lyrics (Chorus)') which meant I could then change the format of the lyrics in the verses without changing the Chorus. But in v3, if I apply any Style to any lyric other than the first line, upon reloading the file, it reverts back to default, meaning I have to reselect all the Chorus lyrics and re-apply the styles before any change to verse lyrics and before any export.

Or another example, if a sentence in a lyric line is longer than the system (starting before the current system and/or continuing onto the next), I create kind-of courtesy lyrics where anything before that system is entered in brackets at the beginning of the current system and at the end if after. To correctly format these I have custom text styles ('Lyrics (Offset Left)' and 'Lyrics (Offset Right)', resp.); but, again, anything after the first line reverts to default and I have to select them all and re-apply whenever I need to print.

I'd really appreciate a fix on this as I use these on virtually every piece of sheet music I produce for a living and I (perhaps naively) suspect it's quite a small bug without further reaching implications, as it works fine for the first line and in v2.

Hope that makes sense. I can include a video to demonstrate if helpful.