Please stop adding multiple dynamics to chords

• Jun 5, 2019 - 20:33

Pretty much what it says in the title. When I'm adding dynamics to a full score in one go (ie. selecting a bar with multiple instruments and double clicking a dynamic), any part that has chords in it will have as many dynamic markings (eg. mf, ff etc.) as there are notes in the chord, either requiring me to delete them one by one or preventing me from adding dynamics efficiently. I believe this is also a problem for hairpins. Please fix ASAP


In the meantime, hold down Ctrl, click on the notes in the various staves and double-click on the dynamics. Just an idea.

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Allow me to clarify: when a chord as a whole is selected, and a dynamic marking is double clicked, there is an overlapping group of the same marking that appears under that chord. No one would ever need more than one dynamic marking at a time, while if I have a triad and I want to get rid of the dynamics, I need to delete three things. When I have a score with more than 15 staves, this process becomes painful in its slowness.

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Working vertically usually make more sense. There are ways to make it easier. Click the ctrl+click each note you want to apply the dynamic to is one way. Another is to go ahead and range select them and click notes in the inspector to limit the selection to notes, you can then ctrl+click to remove notes from the collection.

These are good workarounds. However, my point still stands that you shouldn't be giving multiple dynamics to selected chords. We shouldn't need to use workarounds for this sort of thing.

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I thought there was a suggestion or bug report about this already in existence, but I didn't find it. Perhaps someone else know what it's listed under. If no one comes up with an existing issue in the next day or so, submit a new one at with a severity of S5 - suggestion.

BTW, many of us showed our support, I only mentioned my method because a horizontal method is terrible if you are transcribing a score page by page. Actually I don't know when it would be useful because I still add most of my notes vertically (a couple of measures on 15 instruments) when I'm writing original music also.

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What I remember is a general discussion that double-click a dynamic or other text should only apply to first selected note of each staff in the selection. The idea was more to solve the horizontal problem (dynamics applied to every note of a measure with the measure selected) than the vertical one (dynamic applied to every note in a chord with the chord selected). But really, that same basic solution covers both cases.

Here's one such discussion:, and an issue about a different aspect of this (wanting the same behavior for drag&drop - #290056: Drag-and-drop element to selection behaves differently than double-clicking). I seem to recall a more specific discussion that I cannot find, though.

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