Moving volta in Edit mode is erratic if another volta on same system has been adjusted by autoplace

• Jun 12, 2019 - 18:00
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estou tendo um problema grave de auto ajuste de ornamentos desalinhando os sistemas na parte inferior da grade, causando problemas nas partes tbm!!

Por favor resolvam este problema o mais rápido possível pois é o meu trabalho e esta me causando atrasos.
do contrario terei que migrar para outro programa, e não gostaria disso pois gosto muito do musescore

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Title Problemas com dimensionamento de ornamentos Problems with sizing ornaments

Google translate:
I'm having a serious problem of self adjusting ornaments misaligning the systems at the bottom of the grid, causing problems on the parts too !!

Please solve this problem as soon as possible because it is my job and this is causing me delays.
otherwise I will have to migrate to another program, and I would not like this because I really like musescore

Status active needs info

Please share the score and clarify what the problem is, neither Google translate nor your images make it clear to me

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after upgrade 3.0, hears a change in the self-tuning of the ornaments, where it does not work very well. this malfunction is causing misalignment in the formatting of the bottom of the grid, as shown in the 'Bug 2' image. Another recurring issue in this release is the automatic placement of some elements in the parts, causing spacing problems between systems that I can not resolve, as shown in the 'Bug' image.

Still a sample score is needed. But if it really is MusaeScore 3.0, upgrade to 3.1 , and test there first
Also only one bug per issue please.

Title Problems with sizing ornaments Moving volta in Edit mode is erratic if another volta on same system has been adjusted by autoplace
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Severity S2 - Critical S3 - Major
Type Graphical (UI) Functional
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Priority P1 - High

Here is my best guess at understanding what you mean:

The spacing of staves is now increased automatically to avoid collisions, and this means that systems will not always be the same height. This is completely normal and correct. If you would prefer the systems to be the same height for some reason, and don't find fixing the resulting collisions manually, you can set the "minVerticalDistance" setting to a large negative value. For now, you can do it by loading the attached MSS file in Load / Style. In the next update, you can set this directly in Format / Style.

Regarding the picture with volta, this is also a case of extra space being added autoamticaly, If you drag a volta far above the same, then of course MuseScore will add space for it. But it's true that manually adjusting the position of volta with the mouse is a glitchy in some cases. I've seen this before but wasn't able to pinpoint what was happening because it went away. After more investigation, I can see the trigger now: if there is more than one volta on the system, and one of them has been adjusted by autoplace to avoid a collision, then trying to drag the volta (or move it by mouse) in Edit mode will cause it to respond erratically, jumping too high with each motion.

Probably the code I added to rebase the vertical position on drag (to avoid issues where after release the mouse, an element would shift) is not playing nice with the automatic alignment code. We could probably just disable the alignment code while in edit mode. Or disable the rebase code for voltas.

Anyhow, the workaround is, use the Inspector to adjust the volta instead.

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