Drum Notation - Accent placement

• Mar 14, 2019 - 20:03

When adding an accent to a note, the symbol is notated below the staff. Typciuall accents are notated above the staff. Is it possible to change orientation of the accent symbol?


Actually, accents aren't always notated below the staff, they are on the notehead side, whichever side that happens to be, unless there are multiple voices, in which case the accents go on outside (below for bottom voice, above for upper). So if your drum music is using stem directions and voices in these traditional ways, accents should already be right by default. But if you're writing it with stems forced up even for a single voice, then indeed, you'll be seeing accents below. In that case, press "X" to move them above

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You used to be able to go into Format > Style > Articulations and Ornaments and change the default placement (Above of Below staff) for things like this. In drumline music, things such as accents are usually above the staff so this feature was a great thing. Maybe if there was an option to change this in the new menu? The dropdown could say : Above Below Auto and would be able to do the things that were possible before this update. Because if you use the shortcut ctrl+V alot for writing these in, going back and hitting x for all these would be a hastle.

EDIT: After messing with it for a minute I see that it did pick up what I was doing and now they are placed above automatically.

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