Problems after downloading to

• Jun 29, 2019 - 22:44

Somehow, I messed up while attempting to update to MS Now, when I use my mouse to click the desktop icon MuseScore 3, the page suddenly vanishes. Sometimes, the note says, "The previous session quit unexpectedly. Restore session?" When I click either "yes" or "no", the same thing happens, and the page disappears. Fortunately, I saved my music to the Document Shortcuts. But I can't use the MuseScore desktop icon. How do I correct this?


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When I double click MuseScore, there may be a message to click yes or no to previous session; when I do either, all it does go to a blank screen or blank score for a second or two, the cut off. It doesn't give me a chance to go to Edit. But I did save my scores on another icon, such as Document Shortcuts, and can go to any of those pages clicking a score.

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Jojo-Schmitz, Did click a score from Document Shortcuts and disabled Show Start Center in Edit, and now can double click MuseScore 3 to get to the page. But that in itself only led me to the page with a blank score. Had to go to Files on that page to access my completed (or partially completed) scores. At least it's a step into the right direction. Thank you.

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