Add Some Existing Play Panel Functionality to Playback Controls Toolbar

• Aug 12, 2019 - 10:19

Would it be very difficult to add the following buttons from the "Play Panel" to the "Playback Control" list of Available Actions?

  • Set loop In position
  • Set loop out position

I am a software engineer and would like to contribute to your project. Such a feature seems like some low-hanging fruit that would enable me to get my feet wet.


Shouldn't be difficult, but also shouldn't be necessary - you can already set the loop position very simply by simply selecting a range with the loop button enabled.

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I would say if selecting is difficult without a mouse or keyboard, it would be a far more valuable thing to work on that directly. There are probably all sorts of ways in which the interface isn't very touch-friendly. I'd focus on knocking off the biggest issues that affect the most use cases. Setting loop points is a relatively minor thing compared to all the other things might use MuseScore for, like entering notes, adding symbols from the palette, copying and pasting, transposing, etc.

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