cellos don't respond to cresendos

• Sep 9, 2019 - 00:00

I've tried in about a dozen different ways to get dynamics on cellos, and they don't work....only with cellos. This happens even if I start a new score. I use the exact same method for all the other instruments. Start with pp end with ff and then add cresendo hairpin.

changing the cello playback in the mixer to another instrument makes no difference. Changing a responsive instrument like violin to cello in the mixer MOSTLY works

I'm stumped

thanks in advance

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In the track area of the Mixer:
click on each instrument and make sure that the 'Patch' displays the correct sound.

In your posted score, for me, both the cello and the contrabass play the crescendo. (To hear clearly, I soloed each instrument using the Mixer.)
The violin and the bassoon do not. Strangely, they display 'Grand Piano' as the 'Patch' (instrument sound) in the Mixer, even though a piano is not heard.

To fix, right click on a staff and in Staff/Part Properties change the instrument to the same one. That is, even though it shows 'violin' click the 'Change Instrument' box and choose violin from the Instrument list. This will correct the erroneous name in the 'Patch'.

Here I changed the violin and bassoon to get the crescendo to play:
See if it works for you.
I'm using MuseScore 3.2.3

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thanks for your efforts. Oddly enough when I downloaded my own post all the patches were set correctly. When I downloaded your correction it showed up on my machine as having all the patches set to stereo grand! Still the same issue, no crescendo on the cello unless i create the whole notes independently then tie them one at a time rather than clicking on the "longa" twice, but I get a "notched" crescendo where there is a distinct pulse change in volume across the measures.

This has added to the mystery!

but again, I really appreciate all the help on this forum, it is a great cherry on top of a wonderful piece of software.

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thanks. I was puzzled about the 'single note dynamics' because i thought, "this isn't a single note, its the same note tied together over a bunch of measures!" then i realized i must have been kicked in the head. i figured out on my own that the dynamics did not work on multiple voices as well, the hard or experiential way. so my solution has been to create another staff of the instrument to carry the second voice because I actually use the musescore sound output for finished work, or post process it in audacity rather than get a way bigger monitor so my old eyes can actually see Cakewalk without face convulsions. Once the score works, i can create another one that is just for printing or looking impressive online. I'm just so happy with musescore the extra labour doesn't even count as such.

thanks again.

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