Tuplet troubles: Can't copy and paste due to rests

• Sep 2, 2017 - 00:58

My tuplets are (rest, rest, note) and I have completed measures I want to copy and paste. It won't let me, giving the following prompt:
"Please select the complete tuplet/tremolo and retry the command"
Why won't it just let me copy and paste the measure? Is there a way?


The must be something else going on in the measure. Can you post the score or at least a duplicate of the measure that has the problem.

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clic the first note , it becomes blue, shift clic the last , all the tuplet becomes blue, copy and past or you can also use R if you want to put the next tuplet just after the first, and idem for a complete measure with 4 triplets, R gives you a following measure of 4 triplets

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In order for us to understand what is going wrong for you, we would need you to attach your score, and to describe precisely - step by step - what you tried. Then we can better understand what you might have got wrong. But do read the handbook about copy and paste, which explains the process pretty well.

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