Reducing the size of an orchestral score

• Oct 10, 2019 - 18:26

Hi folks. I'm still pretty much a newbie at MuseScore and I haven't found any commands that would aid me in my quest, so I thought I'd ask here.

I began an orchestral piece, selecting the full blown orchestral score, and quickly realized it was way too much. The classical score will suit me just fine. So, is there any easy way to just sort of reduce or shrink the score? So far, I've only written string parts for a total of six measures. So I'm thinking it might be easier just to start over with the classical score, if trying to reduce a score's size involves jumping through too many hoops.


If you mean you want to remove instruments you have no intention of using, go to Edit / Instruments. If you do intend to use those instruments but they make the score to big to fit on the page currently, then go to Format / Page Settings and make the staves smaller or page bigger.

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Mark, reducing the number of instruments is what i had in mind. I'm really not interested in changing the size of my staves or pages. I'll worry about that if/when I ever want to print out my work. Thanks for the tip, though. I can see where it will be handy in the future. Like, for example, MuseScore's selection of chamber orchestra is incomplete. There is also the chamber orchestra that is a mini version of a standard orchestra, which isn't a choice that MuseScore has. But knowing about the Edit/Instruments command, I can produce a score for this sort of chamber orchestra.

You can shrink everything using Format->Page settings... and reduce the scaling. I'm not sure where you are, but I typically set the page size to A4, then reduce the scaling so all of the stave fit on a page.

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