Changes to the bend tool

• Oct 12, 2019 - 11:00

Currently, bends are of fixed length and cannot contract or stretch as the layout changes. IMV, it is sensible to change this so that they follow the layout of the score (like slurs, lines etc). See #295490: Bends do not contract or stretch with changes in score. There is a also a suggestion for more control over the bend height: #295492: Bends: Allow user to adjust minimum height (in Style), and individual height and width (in the Inspector).


A question I would have is, what should the width be, then? The entire distance to the next note? And wouldn't it be better to just have the width be a style setting property you can change directly in the Inspector? Would be good to have some images from published examples attached to this thread to help us understand - ideally, two different measure from the same piece containing the same bend, showing how the width of the measure affects the width of the bend.

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Published books (e.g. Mel Bay, Alfred Music etc.), appear to format bends as follows:

  • Upbends, downbends, and bend holds (straight lines) are applied from one note to the next:
    1/4 note bends apply only to the parent note:
  • Prebends are applied as at present.

IMV, a width setting in the Inspector would be invaluable.

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