Playback scrubbing (auditioning)

• Oct 16, 2019 - 17:48

One of early release candidates of Musescore had this feature for playback. One highlights various tracks and listens to just those tracks and not whole score. Now one has to use mixer to solo parts, which is more tedious than just highlighting the parts you want to audition. Are there plans to reintroduce this feature again?

Hadley :)


Frankly, I don't remember it being different (senectus ipsa morbus). Via Mixer use the Mute buttons for what you don't want to hear?

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Indeed, MuseScore never had such a feature, although it's a reasonably common request and I have little doubt it will be implemented someday.

EDIT: well, let me clarify: MuseScore had had scrubbing - the ability to control the playback / tempo with your mouse, with notes playing while you mouse over them. But it is true there was an aborted attempt (maybe around 3.0.4 or so?) to have playback only playback selected staves. To me, it's still good code and should be re-enabled - just not by default. It should require a separate command, like Shift+Space.

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