Can't create scores

• Oct 17, 2019 - 06:10

i click on the ""choose a musescore file" button there's no window popped out to ask me which files to drop. when finally i've got the file dropped i click on the "upload a score" button - it won't budge. i've filled in everything, no blank spaces, but nothing happens.


Are you talking about creating scores (which is done with the MuseScore program you install onto your computer) or uploading a score you've already created (presumably uploading to the score sharing website Creating a score as mentioned requires you to sue the MuseScore program you install on your computer, and it has no "choose a measure file" button - it has a "File" menu, and a "New" command on it, and that's how you create a score. Once you've created your score, you can indeed upload it to The easiest way is just to use File / Save Online from within MuseScore, but you can also do it directly from if you're having trouble with that, best to ask for help over there on that website (e.g., in the "Improving" group).

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