Messed up time signature, and scrolling while editing

• Oct 23, 2019 - 01:54

I checked a few pages and didn't see these, posting just in case. Musescore when I edit a measure (most often when I change the value of a rest, say from one 2 beat, to two 1 beat rests) the screen just pans me either to the previous page, or to the far right of the document, past even the page where the notes are into the grey void. It does this about a third of the times that I change rest values.

Also when transcribing music today in 6/8 time, a few measures here and there come up in 7/8 even though such a transition was never notated. Notice how the measures to the left and right of the highlighted measure are in 6/8, while the middle one is in 7/8.
Putting in a 7/8 time signature on the faulty measure, replacing it with a 6/8, then deleting it (retaining the 6/8 that's in the beginning of the part) fixes it, however the notes must be fixed to compensate for the lost beat.
I'm betting that this glitch occurred after the measures were written since I noticed that something looked funny on these measures as I was proofreading, especially since I would have noticed several notes leaking into the next measure.

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Every staff in that measure is in 7/8 so it was probably done by accident by you. If you press ctrl+shift+letter of a note you will get that letter inserted and the measure expanded. Since this doesn't happen with rests, it must have been while you had 8th note duration selected. You can select the extra beat and press ctrl+delete, every note and rest on that beat will be deleted. This will return the measure to normal. As for the jumps, I've not experienced those kinds of jumps.

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In the view menu there is an option to Mark irregular measures. I don't see the + marks on your score indicating the measures are not 6/8, so I suspect this is unchecked on your computer. I recommend that you keep this checked. It's only informative and seen only on the screen and will alert you if you ever inadvertently add beats to a measure in the future.

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