Making title space larger

• Nov 19, 2019 - 23:30

Hi, I need more room at the top, in the title area (for a really big title). How do I get the music to go down lower and make more room above it for the title space? I have 2.1.


Double click the frame (the blue dotted line) then drag the blue rectangle that will appear at the bottom middle of the frame. I occasionally have to click the frame on the side edge if there are several frames in succession.

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I tried that, but there was no blue rectangle at the bottom middle of the frame. Instead, the whole frame got framed by a light gray outline. I tried it on piece that did not have the huge title and there WAS a little blue rectangle. So I will try erasing the whole title and seeing if I can make the frame bigger when it is empty, then putting the huge title back in. But the piece the frame stretching DID work on smooshed all the music lines together, shoving them down toward the bottom of the page, regardless of the minimum staff distance I had set up at the start of the piece. Not good. Funny-looking, though. Will going in and re-stating the staff distance fix that?

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