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• Nov 7, 2010 - 23:34

Would it be possible to allow the specification of notehead size, perhaps similarly to the way point sizes are specified?

My wife teaches young children and older adults, and both have problems with reading the standard size note heads. Currently I'm telling the score that it's printed on A4 paper (instead of letter), exporting it as a png, resizing the graphic in inkscape, and then printing. (SVG and pdf have fonts that keep then from being properly read from either svg or pdf files, although pdf-only programs seem to handle the pdf files properly, the ones I know of won't resize the image.) This is clearly a horrible kludge, so things would be greatly improved if I could just say "use double sized noteheads" or "use 18 point notes" or some such.


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That was I setting I used to allow me to get more enough systems on the page after I set the page size to A5 landscape, but it doesn't (didn't) change the size of the note heads.

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CharlesH: Changing the "space" allowed you to fit more systems on the page because it made everything smaller. "Space" is defined as the distance between two lines on a staff. If you changed the size of the space by only a fraction, you may not have noticed that it made the note heads smaller.

Sorry to revive an old thread, but I've found a workaround for resizing noteheads.

1. Select all the noteheads (eg. right click on one notehead -> Select -> All Similar Elements)
2. Open up the Inspector (F8)
3. Under 'Note', check the 'Small' box
4. Open the 'Style' menu from the menu bar -> General... -> Sizes
5. Change the 'Small note size' parameter to the desired percentage

This allows you to both increase and decrease notehead sizes.

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It's still a valid request, though, to have a style setting to specify a default scaling for noteheads. See #60446: Add notehead size style setting. I actually started to implement this a while back, but there were some complications in that we use the notehead width as a unit of measure in a few place, and working out how to scale things properly in those case was tripping me up a bit. It's not unsolvable, or probably even particularly difficult - just requires someone to really work through how this affects layout. I put it aside because I knew a ton about layout was about to change (the "newlayout" stuff merged a while back). Probably could be revisited safely now.

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How do I select a range of certain notes to be decreased in size? I did what you mentioned above and it changed the notehead size for the entire piano staves. I just want 6.5 measures of notes to be's for Rehearsal Only. Thanks for the assist!

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