I cannot get the music to play the second volta-at the very last of the sheet

• Nov 29, 2019 - 16:04


I typed in the Allemand-Robert de Visee in F. Noad's book pp182-183. Everything plays well except the VOltas in measures 29 and 30 (the last two). I checked the attached score vs the book sheet and everything is fine.

The main today issue is that the music at the end of measure 28; it jumps to 2. -measure 30

I also experimented with adding a stop-start bar at the beginning of measure 13, but then musescore got lost in measure 29. I deleted the stop-start bar in the attached file.

Any ideas why I cannot get it right?

Your help will be highly appreciated.

Many thanks,


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The problem is that there is no start repeat to match the repeat in measure 29. The intention is probably to return to measure 14 (this seems most logical from a quick analysis of the song). Put a start repeat there and it should work fine.

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Though unrelated, in measure 20 (using the written measure numbers not the status bar numbers) a natural sign is missing from the note B. You have open string fingerering but, honoring the key signature, a B flat is played .
Looks to me like harmonically it should be an E(7)th chord (hence B natural) resolving to the Am chord in measure 21.

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