An unresolved issue about headphones

• Dec 6, 2019 - 08:11
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Title 关于耳机的一个一直没有解决的问题 An unresolved issue about headphones
Status needs info duplicate

Google translate (please keep the issue tracker in English)

This problem seems to have not been resolved after the emergence, so briefly describe it here.
In simple terms, if Musescore plugs in headphones during operation, the software does not replace the speakers with headphones, but continues to use the computer's own speakers; similarly, when the headphones are unplugged during use, the software does not Will replace the sound amplification equipment with the computer itself, but continue to use the headset, resulting in no sound after the software is unplugged.
The above problems can be solved by restarting the software, but it will be more annoying, and I hope that it can be resolved later.

This issue has been reported multiple times already (Heresh the ussue tracker for headphones), so I'm going to close this as a duplicate

See #293978: Audio won't play when using bluetooth headphones, #288435: Musescore does not update output audio device when new device is connected, #288413: Bluetooths speaker does not work in MuseScore, #284059: Bluetooth Audio and many more

Hi there,
I'm sorry for causing translating problem. Before I sent another issue about the downloading problem with English and a guy came up telling me that I should use Chinese because it's a Chinese BBS. I think I've confused with something.
Anyway, thanks to Google translator, you do understand what I was talking about and thank you for your guidance to other issues for help. Only one thing I need to add in is, my headphones are not wireless. So this problem not only comes with bluetooth, but also with all kinds of headphone and speakers.
Like I said, this is not emergent but annoying, it doesn't look like something impossible to fix. First time I thought my earphones broken, and sometimes I forget its existence and plug in my earphone in classroom to show my work to my classmate during the break know what happened next.
At last, thanks for halping, if I find some solution I'll update this issue. Thanks.

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Ok...thanks a lot, because I'm new here, even I started to use musescore long time ago, but I was only a reader until recently I started to try to compose something
Thanks a lot, actually English is not my first foreign language, so might some problems reading my text. Spanish is what I preferred jaja.