Feature suggestion: showing the keyboard shortcut for a feature when hovering the mouse cursor over it.

• Feb 20, 2020 - 22:24

It's just a bit irritating to have to alt+tab to google when I want to find a shortcut. For exemple, I know that the shortcut for a slur is "S". So why, when I hover over the slur in the palette, does the text only show "Slur" and not "Slur (S)"? Seems like it wouldn't be too hard to implement.


The reason is that the text shown in the tooltip is a translatable/translation text.
But I do feel that appending the related action shortcut (if defined) to it, similar to how they are shown in the menu, makes sense.

Feel free to add it into the issue tracker as a suggestion.

FWIW, the toolbar icons do show shortcuts on hover, and menu commands always show them. Only the palette does not. A problem with trying to do so is that the commands associated with the palette are not really associated in any way within MuseScre, not in the same way the toolbars are completely connected to the shortcut and execute exactly the same code. So the shortcut would need to be kind of "hacked" in manually. You can actually do this on your own system by right-clicking a palette cell and using the Properties dialog to change the name of the cell to add the shortcut info.

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