How do I update my audio source in

• Mar 15, 2020 - 13:20

I uploaded a WIP score to the site via MuseScore 3.3. I ticked the 'upload score audio' checkbox. It is unfinished so the audio only contained part of the music. When I finished the composition today, I updated it in the site but found out that the audio source is still the old one. The 'manage audio sources' function only seems to support YouTube videos. I tried to upload it again in the software but it created a new score rather than updating the score. Is there a way to update the audio source?


On first "Save online" the URL of the score is recorded in File > Score Properties > source, so on subsequent Save Online"s MuseScore knows whether to update or upload a new score. But if you didn't save that change after the first Save Online, this information is not in the score, so it assume this to be a new score.
You can now grab the URL from and put this into Score Properties, and try a Save Online again, this should now update the existing score

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