Voice choices for SATB in scoring.

• Apr 6, 2014 - 03:49

When scoring individual mp3 guide tracks of a SATB piece for an ensemble I am in, I have found myself moving away from the voices option in Musescore, in favour of using another instrument, sometimes soft synth, a piano stave (treble or bass) or even a flute.
I find listening to the ooohs or aahs distracting when trying to learn a new piece.

Does anyone else use any instruments in place of the oohs or aahs when scoring a vocal part of a piece?


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I normally use clarinet. Most of what I've done this for is just a single (female) vocal line with band accompaniment, but it seems to work well for jazz - clarinet sounds natural but I'm not nitmally using that sound elsewhere. When I've needed tenor/bass voices, I've experimented with keeping clarinet as well as using cello or other sounds. But the vocal sounds, no matter the soundfont, are usually too mushy and indistinct to let me hear how my voicings work, so I almost always use something else.

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