Musescore occasionally crashing, and corrupting save and autosave

• Mar 12, 2020 - 01:30

Looking on other posts, this seems to be a problem thats been occuring for years. "Musescore crashes, look for an autosave, ah! the autosave is empty. Just use a backup! Your several hours/days of work are gone, but thats the best we can do for you!" I cannot count how many times I've lost amazing ideas, dozens of measures of music, just to have it wiped. For me, it seems to happen now and then when I change the time signature. Other times it crashes whenever saving, and sometimes it crashes moments after startup. I've attached an empty wiped file if that helps at all. I am also using the lastest version of Musescore, and running 64 bit Windows 10. At this point, the program is starting to have the awful reliability of Sibelius.

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Well, this sounds to me more like problems with your computer than software.
I have never had Sibelius crash.
I've only had MuseScore crash after an improper shutdown after which I had to reset MuseScore.

Sorry to hear you are having problems. I'm surprise you've had it happen so often you can't count. I've used MuseScore virtually every day for the past 10 years, saving probably tens of thousands of scores, and its never happened once to me. You're righty though that have been dozens of such reports, so it's clearly a real problem - albeit rare, since we're talking dozens of such reports amongst millions of successful saves. As one of the developers, I'd love to fix it if only I figure out how to reproduce the problem. Since you are one of the very few people to have seen it more than once, you're probably in a better position than anyone to attempt to figure out precise steps to reproduce the problem. So if you ever do, please let us know!

Meanwhile, though, since you are on Windows, if you are using OneDrive, you can easily retrieve a previous version of any file, so you should never have to worry about losing work. If you're not using OneDrive, I highly recommend you do. Even though I've never had this particular problem, I've had other situations where OneDrive has bailed me out.

I have had to turn off auto-save as it crashes my PC 7 out of 10 times. I have completely removed and re-installed. Before I disabled it the auto save would put 0 bytes into the backup file. Until I turned it off it sometimes happened when I manually saved the file so both main file and backup had 0 bytes. I have a couple of issues in that the I/O preferences dont always saveeither or save particular to a score. If I created something whilst using headpohnes it will expect headphones when I open it. Going to prefs and changing the I/O will result in a crash more often than not.

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When you say that you have completely removed MuseScore, did that include the folder is APPDATA? As well as registry entries? And then there are house keeping issues. When was the last time you emptied temp folders? How full is your HHD? Or cleaned the registry. How old is your computer? Laptop? Bluetooth headphones?
Maybe grasping at straws, but it is just strange that you are having this much trouble.
Any other programs besides Sibelius that give you a problem?

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Answering two previous replies. I don’t have any corrupt scores. If I do get the message re a corrupt score I will always repair the problem and save with a different name.
2nd Reply. I used windows uninstall to remove so unless those piece were removed at that point possibly not. I certainly didn’t go deleting additional files myself. I have an app that cleans temp folders. HDD is 2T and less than 100Gb on there. Computer is almost 2 yrs old HP. Laptop and yes Bluetooth headphones.
No other music software.
I have been working at my desk on a score for an hour or so. No headphones.
I have just opened a score and that I was working on yesterday wearing headphones. It will not play, so I have to go to preferences, I/O and reset. Then select internal speakers and reset again. If I click ok too quickly then it crashes immediately, if I wait a few seconds it crashes maybe 4 times in 10.

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This is why I don't use my BT headphones with MuseScore. Just not worth it. Uninstall seldom works at all unless you delete everything about MuseScore you can find. Of course, save your fonts and scores somewhere else. Then re install. Usually a reset of MuseScore is all you need.

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Autosave never touches the file you are working on or the backup file. It only saves into the session folder. so there is no way auto save could be involved with the score itself or the backup file being zero bytes.

Anyhow, if it crashes, something is definitely wrong with the score, if you attach it here we can investigate. Likely there is a corruption in one of the parts; that would normally be reported by MuseScore.

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