Alternate music fonts

• Sep 28, 2015 - 12:06

As a newcomer to Musescore I see that it uses Emmentaler, the basic font used by lilypond. Lilypond now supports alternate fonts, for example those to be found at Is it possible to use these fonts in Musescore 2.0?


That's an interesting link you provided! It shows a nice comparison of identical measures, employing different fonts. The first three or four samples have such subtle differences that, back in the days of manuscript paper, they might have been viewed as normal variations of pen strokes from a single scribe.
BTW: This particular discussion about alternate music fonts has migrated over to:

Anyhow, concerning music fonts (and their creation), an interesting topic to follow is MuseScore's own Miwarre, and his fearless efforts to codify Baroque lute fonts:
It's an enlightening read...

(Sorry, Andro, for hijacking your thread to shamelessly promote Miwarre's spectacular effort.)

Regards... :-)

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