More mewbie editing problems

• Mar 1, 2016 - 22:42

Kind of the same problems as before with another tune. This also imported from Sonar VIA Midi 1.

1. Measure 9 and 32 the notes are in the wrong staff of the piano. Haven't a clue how to change that. Tried dragging then dragging with shift key, Ctrl key, both keys and so on. Just get frustrated. You would think dragging notes to a different place would be easy and obvious especially in ad piano score. I'd just delete them and insert the notes but haven't learned how to do that other than quarter notes on the beat.

2. I can only add notes on the beat. In this case on beats 1,2,3 or 4. I can't add eights in between. It just won't let me. Forget about triplets and so on. In measure 21 and 22 I'd like to add notes and bring notes from treble to bass and so on. I know people compose using this but so far it totally baffled me.

3. Somehow I got Chinese added to my instrument definitions. Don't know how. I could fisc it but would like to know how they got there.

4. On the plus side this was way more sucessful then my first attempt importing.


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Welcome back.

1. Select measure, cut, select destination, paste.

2. The trick to adding an eighth note off the beat is to first add an eighth rest on the beat. (Similarly, you would use a mental kickbeat if you were playing it.)

3. The Chinese thing is a mystery, but right-click on it, select Staff Properties…, and you'll be able to edit it.

4. Glad to hear it!

1) Dragging is used as a way of *transposing* notes in MuseScore (although not as easy or precise as the cursor keys). Moving things around is done via cut & paste. Lots of different ways to select in MuseScore - see the Handbook under "Selection modes", but once you've selected what you want to move, it's just Ctrl+X to cut, then click the desired destination and Ctrl+V.

2) Notes in MuseScore are entered the same way you normally enter them with pencil and paper- left to right. That is, you enter music the same way you read it, according to standard rules of music notation. If you want something on the "and" of 1, the only way that happens in standard music notation is to fill the first half of beat 1 with notes or rests (eg, an eighth rest, or two sixteenth notes). This is, again, exactly as you would need to with a pencil and paper. I am not sure what exactly you want to do in measure 21 or 22, but basically, if you want a note on the "and" of 1 to the guitar part (for example), you either need to shorten the half note that is currently there to only an eighth note and then add your note after that, or change to another vocie and enter an eighth rest followed by the eighth note you want.

If you explain in more detail what change you want to make, someone will be able to show you how step by step.

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