Creating instrumentlist by used soundfont

• Mar 3, 2016 - 11:14
S5 - Suggestion

I installed yesterday the sonatina soundffont. But it was still shown the instrumentlist of the standard soundfont. So it is very hard to use the correct instrument, because Instrument 47 is in sonatina totaly different instrument than in the standard soundfont.


But if I want to use a soundfont because of his quality not because of his standard? The sonatina soundont, I was taling about, is recommended by musescore

it is mentioned in the handbook, that's not exactly a recommendation. If it has a different Instrument on patch(?) 47 than the default soundfont, it is not a GM soundfont.
The mixer shows all the names.

No reason however to be against your request, even for GM soundfonts it's be useful to have a list rather than a huge drop down menu to scroll thru

Is it possible to have a filter option in Mixer to sort instruments or make invisible some of them? Because there are too many unsorted names when using multiple sound fonts (as I find the best solutions for my set of instruments in different sets) and it's difficult to select the needed.

I am not sure, but all soundfonts I have seen are using english/international terms. So I think it would be possible to sort the instruments.

Instruments which name are using the word cello will be part of the listpart strings.

Thank you!
I found the post#7 (in #63666: Improve mixer patch selection) by Memento Somniare the most realistic and partially resolving the problem:

when we have several soundfonts, for example GM fonts, it's quite difficult to identify which instrument is from which soundfont. Getting the same of the soundfont after the instrument name would help a lot!
for example:
Oboe (TimGM6mb)
Oboe (FluidR3mono)

Sorry to crossposting but I thing it's related to current discussion.