How the Open Goldberg Variations Project is pushing MuseScore forward

• Apr 6, 2011 - 18:49

There's a new update on the Open Goldberg Variations Kickstarter project detailing some of the new things coming to MuseScore as a result of the project. Werner and Thomas came to Cologne and met pianist Kimiko Ishizaka for the first time.

Bach's Goldberg Variations are a complex piece of music. The score has up to four voices per staff and makes heavy use of cross staff beaming. Some parts are also very dense and all this makes the Goldbergs a good test case for MuseScore. During the preparation of an initial version of the score I saw several defiencies and possible enhancements of MuseScore. This has influenced further development of MuseScore a lot.

Read more on the Kickstarter site (and see some pictures of Werner and Thomas!)


Good news indeed!

I read the article and there is a point I do not understand: Werner says that in meas. 1 or Variatio XVI "more than one clef [occurs] at the same tick position".

This does not happen in any of the 4 scores I have of this work. In fact I do not even understand what this could mean (of course, there is a clef for each staff at the same tick position, but this is standard, W. could not possibly refer to this).

So, I wonder what this new feature could be...



In reply to by werner

Oh! I see.

In fact, this occurs also in the 1742 Schmids edition (with two alto clefs instead of the bass and treble clefs, but the principle is the same), but I never noticed. One really never stops to learn.



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