Adding quarters to 1/8 triplets

• Mar 8, 2016 - 19:46

Hi all
Im wondering how to add a 1/4 note on top of three 1/8 triplets.
It's very common in classical guitar music.

Like this example:

If I do it the traditional way, where I add a 1/4 from a second voice to the first triplet (same note) it will move a little when I add my bass line, so it will become visible that there are two notes on top of each other.

Any tricks?

All the best
Per Lindhof

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This appears to be a bug. For some reason the semibreve in the lower voice is triggering a misalignment of the notes in the other two voices.

MuseScore tries to center whole notes against other notes, which I think is what leads to this particular situation. The quarter note is being aligned with the centered whole note but the pair is not being aligned with teh other voice. Something like that. Probably a bug indeed.

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Hi all
Thanks a lot.

I can't make the smaller notehead invisible, as suggested in the handbook - it only becomes grey and they are still out of sync.

I have found out that it's only a problem when using a whole note (4/4 long) in the bass.
If I use a 3/4 long bass and a break it's ok, but that's an incorrect notation.

If it's a bug it's quite a serious one for me, as adding 1/4 notes to triplets (tuplets) in classical guitar music is about as common as a snare drum is in rock'n roll ;-).

Any other way of solving it?

All the best
Per Lindhof

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Notes shown in grey *are* invisible when you go to print or otherwise export - they only shown on screen greyed out so you can still edit them. You can, if you like, suppress the display of invisible notes by turning off View / Show Invisible, but again, either way, they won't print or export.

But indeed, that doesn't really solve the problem here. You can manually move the note over using the Inspector (or double click and arrow keys), but this will probably cause them to go *out* of alignment when the bug is fixed.

Can you file this as an official bug report to the issue tracker ("Help / Report a Bug" from within MuseScore, or use the "Issue tracker" link at right of this page)? I can try to look at what would be involved in fixing this, but I can't make any promises a fix would make it into the upcoming 2.0.3 release.

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I know I did a bunch of work in this area of the code shortly *before* that - around February-March, culminating in Chances are decent this was *more* broken prior to my work, as there were a lot of issues like this or worse that I fixed. But it is also possible this one case happened to work before and then was inadvertently broken by my work fixing the other cases.

Anyhow, I do have some hope that I can fix this case relatively easily, although I cannot be sure somethng *else* won't break as a result.

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