Issue with tie across barline with chords

• Mar 9, 2016 - 13:27

[Í have experienced issue with tie related to chords across barline. I managed to fix it in the past but do not remember what I did previously. Now the problem has occurred again. I am trying to tie the notes of the chord BD across barline with quarter notes before barline followed by eighth notes after barline.

The upper notes D - D tied properly, but the tie intended for B - B displayed like some sort of slur right across to the end of the second measure.

Sometimes I also get ties displaying upside down.

Does anyone know how to correct this?

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It's easier to help if you post the actual score, not just a picture of it, and also if you explain step by step what you tried to do. But indeed, as mentioned above, the way you tie chords is to first enter the full chords, then select the first one and press the tie button.

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My current project is scoring and performing a medley of 3 calypsoes (genre of song) from the following calypsoes:
1. Steelband Clash - measures 1-84 of the medley
2. Old Lady Walk a Mile and a Half - currently measures 86-132 of the medley
3. Jane - currently measures 133-180
The medley is not complete because I plan to add a bridge between "Steelband Clash" and "Old Lady Walk a Mile"

Steelband Clash was originally scored by me at school (where I am a Bachelor Degree Music student) in 2015 using Sibelius 6.0 software. I recently exported it from Sibelius 6.0 to a PDF file, which I then imported into MuseScore 2.0.2. During the conversion some errors occurred. Many chords displayed with only the upper notes tied. When I tried to tie the lower notes, issues appeared in a few cases. In some measures there were some errors with chords and rests. I deleted problematic measures and re-input them, which solved most issues. However, in measure 66, there is still an unwanted extra eighth note rest. I planned to leave it until I have time to find out how to fix it.

Old Lady Walk a Mile and a Half was recently scored using MuseScore 2.0.2. I had no issues with the section copied from this score.

Jane has been a work in progress since I first began trancribing parts of it using a previous version of MuseScore in 2010. Today when I copied measures from this score into MuseScore 2.0.2, the only error I have noticed is that the notes displayed an octave lower. I transposed them up a perfect octave to get them back to original pitches.

See entire score attached: calypso medley1 my score

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In conversion from PDF Into MuseScore 2.0.2, I have had problems with anacrusis. The incomplete measure at the beginning tends to throw everything off. My temporary solution was to re-transcribe incomplete measures into complete ones with rest at the beginning of the measure before exporting to PDF file for conversion to MuseScore

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If a chord has ties with only some notes, then the way to get them all tied is to add the remaining ties one by one, or as mentioned, select the entire first chord and press the tie button, which will add all necessary remaining ties.

Offhand, I don't see where there are such issues in the score you posted. I do see a glitch in measure 83 where the PDF conversion software did something odd with the voice assignment and accidentals, creating a Bb in voice 2 that had nowhere to tie to. Probably that was supposed to be in voice 1, and probably the B in the next measure should have been a Bb. I'd just delete and re-enter those notes.

But if I look at measures 15-16 for example, if the tie had been missing between the bottom notes (F#), you can easily add it back by selecting the first F# then pressing the tie button. Or, you could

BTW, in measure 66, the PDF conversion program apparently misread something and made this an extra-long (9/8) measure. To turn it back into a regular 4/4 measure, right click it, Measure Properties, and set the actual duration back to 2/2.

As you are not doubt noticing, using PDF as an interchange format is not a very good idea. you'll generally get far better results exporting to MusicXML instead. If you don't have the necessary plugin for Sibelius, even MIDI might be better than PDF, although that's resally trading one set of problems for another - neither is going to be *nearly* as good as MusicXML, because MusicXMO was designed for this purpose and PDF and MIDI were designed for completely different / unrelated purposes and are missing way too much of the information that would be needed to do a good job.

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Thank you very much, Marc Sabatella. I followed your directions and fixed the time signature in measure 66 as well as the Bb in measure 84 and everything is fine now.
(For my next project I will try to use the MusicXML instead of PDF for the conversion. However, I will have to learn how to import MusicXML into MuseScore. I used PDF because it was right there on the MuseScore file menu and I assumed it was the only format that could be imported into MuseScore)

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Right. The way I'd put it is that for MusicXML or MIDI, MuseScore can import it directly, so no separate "Import" menu is needed - you can just open those files directly via File / Open. For PDF, MuseScore really can't do that at all; it's *way* too foreign. It needs to rely on a third party program called Audiveris to first attempt to do "optical music recognition" and then turn it into MusicXML; then the resulting MusicXMl can be converted to MuseScore format more directly. So that's what the menu option you see does - it actually communicates with a web service that uses Audiveris to attemnpt this conversion for you. It's a far more convoluted process than just going to File / Open and selecitng the desired MusicXMl file, and probably a thousand times more error prone.

Thank you, guys. I was on vacation with limited Internet access for a few days, hence the delay in following your posts.

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