Crash on copy/paste largish selection

• Apr 11, 2011 - 17:59

I am trying to block copy/paste a repeating refrain. I can only paste if the selection is for one staff. Multiple staves will cause MS to terminate.

I am using Version 1.0 Rev 3996, Win 7. I also tried revision 4156 with the same results.


1. Load attached file
2. Select the final 3 staves, from the pickup measure through all of measure 9.
3. Paste into beat 3 of measure 19.

On the theory that MS doesn't like to copy/paste partial measures, I also tried to copy/paste from measure 1 through 9, into the beginning of measure 20, with the same result.

The downside of this is the extra time to copy/paste single lines of music to multiple places in the music, and then repeat for multiple staves.

I don't want to use the repeat function because I want to have each verse played somewhat differently. However, I can do a workaround to expand repeated sections into a longer piece of music. I've seen this happen when I export to MIDI, so that's one way. Possibly it's even a feature to expand repeated sections...

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