tablature and banjo 5th string problems

• Mar 15, 2016 - 17:40
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S4 - Minor

Musescore displays the wrong fret number in tablature for the banjo 5'th string if the fret number is anything other than 0.

The banjo 5'th string starts at the 5'th fret and is normally tuned to 'G'. So a fret number of '2' (an 'A' note) should be displayed as fret '7', not '2'. Internally the program doesn't need to change how it tracks this note -- so it will track it as fret number '2'. At the last minute in the display chain it needs to change the 2 to a 7. This way, all the output files and midi playback logic does not need to change at all -- the banjo 5th string will work the way all other strings work except at tablature display time.

So the test is: if (string == 5 && fret > 0 && isBanjoStaff() && isTablatureMode()) displayfret = fret + 5;

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for now i found a solution for myself (not that easy but the problem seem to be very special).
it only works for musescore 2.1 becouse of teh possibillity of lute-diapossons.
i add a 6 string D4 without adding a 6th tab-line, write the fretted 5thstring-notes on it, then i move them on the 5th string. The only problem is to delete the little lines (sorry i dont know the word for Hilfslinien)

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If you are having problem with a note not showing up on tablature it's because you are playing a lower note than you have defined. You need to change the tuning on the tablature to match your banjo.

Another note. You did not make this in 2.x. I get an error that it was made with a newer version than 2.1 which is what I use most of the time now. You are apparently using a nightly which may make my advice void, but I doubt it.

Right and wrong, it was made with 2.1, 8df88b7, but that was a nightly build from the master branch on GitHub, before we changed that to be Version 3.0 and before the 2.1 branch got created from the 2.0.4 one, so this score has a file version of 2.07 (IIRC to add crescendo lines) rather than 2.06 or 3.00. (and yes, this is confusing)
Just ignore the error on load...

@wolfgan: get a current 2.1 nightly build, the one you've been using is not supported (similar to nightly builds from master) and may do all sorts of wierd things

if you look at the new version it will be clear why the versions with the regular Banjo tabs and the version with the 5th string tuned to D4 doesnt work (look at the 5th. string)
now the file is also writen with the new 3.0 version. I only used on old version because this version could not open my original 2.0.3 file (i think because of the german chordsymbols)

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I have see this on other instruments as well. When the lowest string and some other string that should be of a higher pitch have the same pitch, MS gets confused. The user needs in intervene and force the note in question to the other string since MS does not know from looking at the normal score which note goes on the (in this case) 5th string.