+ shows funny result

• Mar 17, 2016 - 12:17
Graphical (UI)
S4 - Minor
by design

Mark a half note, use Q or 5 or hit the quarter-button. Than use key "+" No new note is tied. Sometimes happens nothing, sometimes there are drawn funny slurs.

Windows 7/ 8,1 Windows 10 Protable and installed version 2.02


Please give exact steps to reproduce the problem. What do you do exactly starting from scratch? What do you see exactly (screenshot help)? What do you expect?

What I do and everything works fine.

  1. New score for flute
  2. Press N, 6, C to enter a half note
  3. Press 5, + to enter a tied quarter note --> It works

I tried something else after rereading your message.

  1. New score for flute
  2. Press N, 6, C to enter a half note. Esc to leave note entry
  3. Click on the half note
  4. Press 5 and + --> Nothing happens as expected. Out of note entry, + will only tie two notes if they already exists.

In both case, I see nothing funny.

It works like somebody planed, but the UI is misleading. One entrance two different behaviours. And you can not write, what I write under expected. Okay you can delete the notes and so on.

It is true that presisng the tie button does different things depending on whether you are in note input mode or not. This as, as stated, by design. Lots of thigns work differently depending on which mode you are in - that is the whole point of having different modes.

Producing the result you should under "expected" is in fact very simple to do while in note input mode: 5 C + 6 C. If you initially enter two half notes, you can change it to two quarter notes tied by entering the two chord notes than tieing them. From outside note input mdoe, click the first half note, press 5 to change to quarter, now press Right to move to the rest, press C to enter a quarter note there, then left to move back to the first C, then press the tie button. In 2.0.2, it does not work to add a tie between existing notes in note input mode - the tie button *only* adds new notes when in note input mdoe. but for 2.0.3, this has already been improved, so you can use the tie button to add a tie between existing notes in note input mode.