Add message box re illegal filename chars.

• Apr 21, 2011 - 22:39
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I created a score called:

French Tango (?)

...then used File > "Save As..." to try to save it. The dialog box appeared, but the Save button had no effect. That's because filenames aren't allowed to contain characters like "?".

MuseScore should show a message about this, rather than doing nothing and leaving the user mystified. I've attached an example of the standard message box.

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No, no you aren't. Just highlighting that it's a platform specific issue and add my findings for further development. Thanks for your bug report.

I'm glad to know it's not actually a "bug". But perhaps you'll agree, if users don't understand the behavior, it probably seems like a bug. :?)

True, this is Windows specific.But since QT must go through the Windows API's to save the illegal filename, an error is being generated somewhere, but is not being reported. I wonder if the error is being ignored by MS, or is not being reported by QT.

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Trying to save with such a filename will just keep the save dialog open in MS4.0.1 on Win10