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• Apr 24, 2011 - 17:08

I would like to be able to email my scores to my music professor who unfortunately (for him) uses Finale. It seems that the easiest way to do that would be to convert the score to an image format such as .pdf or .gif. An export feature that allows one to convert a score to an image would be really helpful.


Surely the easiest way is to take a screen shot - not full screen, but I thought all computers had the ability to take a partial screen shot. With Mac, it's just Cmd + Shift + 4, but I imagine other operating systems have their own method. Once you've got a screen shot, you can rename it and attach it to your email.

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You mentioned "the next version of MuseScore will have a Foto-Mode..." Which version is it and does it support to select an area on screen (-> screenshot) and copy - paste it via the clipboard to any other application ? I am using MuseScore for drum tabs - but only the difficult parts and I need to copy them to the song sheets which are done in MS-Word.
Being able to do that directly from MuseScore would speed up my work tremendously. Now I am saving as PNG, use a foto-editor to select the area I need, and copy paste to Word.

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The "next version" referred to is 2.0, which is still not released but is available as a Beta and in Nightly build versions - see the Downlaods link at right of this page to get the latest. Do keep in mind it is still experiemntal, but it is rapidly getting more and more solid,

It does indeed have a copy to clipboard function.

BTW, in 1.3, you may wish to try out the Snippet Creator plugin, available in the menu at right of this page. You may also wish to check out the extension for LibreOffice that can automate the whole clipping process, also automatically set up a link to the original MSCZ file so you can Ctrl+Click your image in the document and it will autoamtically load the corresponding score into MuseScore.

A high feature request to be able to do so easily -- quite often one only wants to export a portion of the score (a few measures, etc.) so PNG requires a lot of editing, etc. A screenshot won't work if there are UI elements visible (such as reflow marks, etc.) -- a useful thing for me.

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