Contrabass Bugle Voicing 2 octaves too high

• Mar 29, 2016 - 08:08
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The contrabass bugle (treble clef) has been incorrectly voiced. It has been voiced two full octaves too high.


Which Version of MuseScore? What Instrument exactly? Please share a score showing the Problem, and tell us about the steps how you created it.
I don't see a "Contrabass Bugle (Treble Clef)" in MuseScore 2.0.2 nor in latest master source, just a "Contrabass Bugle", notated in C-clef?

Title Contrabass Bugle Voicing Contrabass Bugle Voicing 2 octaves too high
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However, considering it range, it indeed would make sense to have it transposing 2 octaves down.
There are more instruments that seem to have the same issue, i.e. a similar range, same clef and also not transposing.

Not sure what a C clef in instruments.xml is refering too, in clef.h I see C1, C2, C3 and C4 clefs.
I believe what it really should be is a C5 (Baritone) clef?

I am using The latest version (2.0.2). Under "Choose Instrument > All Instruments > Brass" in the "Create new Score" tab is the "Contrabass Bugle" about half-way down. The contrabass bugle is written in treble clef like the rest of the G bugle choir. it is written to sound two full octaves lower than the written pitch. For example a written C4 will sound a C2. The issue is just that the program is not making the appropriate transpositions needed. the following image shows the concept causing the issue. The first bar is the written fundamental pitch of each instrument. the second bar is the sounding pitch. to fix the issue, the first bar of each instrument should sound like the second bar.

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OK, so here's a score with those instruments and there professional and Amateur ranges.
From looking that those it seems that indeed Contabass Bugle should be transposed down 2 octaves, but also that Bariton Bugle and Euphonium Bugle (opth have exactly the same range settinbgs) probably should get transposed down 1 octave? Only Soprano Bugle stays reasonably well inside a G-Cleff staff, for Mellophone Bugle it looks OK too at the upper end.

Strangly all Bugles are set up to ue a C-clef, while I don't see such a thing to exist (there are C1-C5 clefs), seems the code falls back to a 'normal' G-clef?

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