[Trunk] Cannot access submenus

• Apr 28, 2011 - 13:05
Graphical (UI)

These include: 'Create', 'Notes', 'Layout', 'Style' and 'Display'.

Using MuseScore 2.0 nightly build (4242) - Windows XP SP3.

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I can't reproduce with MuseScore r4245. Can you please give exact steps to reproduce ? Do you run MuseScore with some special settings ? Do you start with demo score ? with no score ? a custom score ? etc...

I actually now feel the issue should be 'sub-menus that shouldn't appear' (non-required items being greyed out is correct when a score isn't loaded). Anything that has no use should probably be completely greyed out - unchanged appearance (to indicate it's not being selected by mouse/keyboard) and disallow access to an empty submenu.

One thing I found odd was the demo score (prelude) wouldn't open (unchanged default in preferences - locates to the correct place too). It wouldn't open manually either, but promenade would. I closed it and re-opened the program, then everything appeared (prelude and the submenus). Plug-ins is now greyed out (earlier, it wasn't).

Status (old) needs info closed

It was changed to minor, but I forgot to apply it after having to submit it again (problems posting) - sorry.

After re-evaluating properly, I'm going to close this.