Progress bar while exporting files

• Apr 29, 2011 - 01:28
S5 - Suggestion

It would be very nice to have a dialog that says what MS is doing when it is exporting something, especially something that takes a long time, i.e. "Exporting to WAV...". Having a bar graph of the progress would be even better. Saving to WAV can take some time and you really have no indication how far into the process MS is, nor when it will complete.


Yes, I recall reading your issue/request, but you only specified MP3. Any type of export should, at the minimum, say what its doing while its doing it. The progress bar is the gravy.

Status (old) duplicate active

When WAV worked for me (at the time), I don't remember the program hanging (could be wrong).

Since you've confirmed it's a problem, I've closed mine (would probably just have changed the title to include other formats).

I feel like an idiot. Down in the bottom-left corner of the MS window there are several icons (vertical lines, horizontal lines, and a P). When you export, a small progress bar appears there, pushing over the icons. It's not much but I know to look there now when exporting. The Mac version should be the same.

Not at all. It still hangs though, does it not?

I couldn't see a progress bar on Mac 10.6.7 or Windows XP SP3 exporting either MP3 or WAV.

When you export, is the file (WAV, MP3) being created? If not, I've seen that behaviour as well. No progress bar, nothing, no file gets produced, but only with MP3.