Individual parts audio

• Apr 6, 2016 - 04:16

Does anyone know how to export an audio file of the individual parts from a song?


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There is another way to perform this (but it is a little "long way" method):

1) You have to go and use the "Mixer" panel, to silent all the voices you don't want to appear into the audio file. Use the "Mute" button. You have to leave to sound only the voice you want to save into the audio file. Of course, you can to use the "Solo" button to get the same.

2) Go to MuseScore "File" menu and use the "Export" option. Look for the "Audio" option (you can save it as an standard "*.wav" file or "*.mp3" file). Just use a file name that represents the voice you are saving (to avoid to confuse with another voices).

3) Repeat all the procedure to the other voices.

Please, take a look to the "Pan" button to save the instrument (or voice) sound in the place (between your sound device Left and Right speakers) you want to get it.

That's all, folks!!!

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