Problem with CODA position

• Apr 6, 2016 - 12:49
S4 - Minor

If I set a CODA in a measure, the system interprets that the repetition should be in the next measure, not when I've set the symbol.

For example: I set a CODA in the measure number 5, and the symbol appears at the start of that measure, it should appears at the end to repeat the measure number 5.

GIT commit: f51dc11


Please show a score showing the problem and describe the intended Roadmap

Best would be to this in the forum first, any only if it really turns out to be a bug, file it in the issue tracker.

Also be aware that 2.0.3 is out meanwhile, you're still using 2.0.2 apparently.

Status (old) needs info closed

Codas are *supposed* to appear at the beginning of a measure. They indicate a place to jump *to*, not an instruction to perform a jump. It is possible you actually mean to add a "To Coda" marking, which is a jump, and it does indeed occur at the end of the measure. You can if you wish edit the text of the "To Coda" marking to contain the coda sign itself, as some publications do.

For further help, as mentioned above, please use the Support forum.