can't export separate parts

• Apr 9, 2016 - 19:29

I'm trying to export separate sound files for SATB, but whatever format I choose, and even though I mute the other 3 parts while I try to export the fourth, I still get all 4 tracks playing together. Export Parts is greyed out.
I've done this often before but can't work out why not now :)
Can anyone help?


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So you did not generate parts. See attached, then export parts as wav or mp3
Before generating the parts, enable all in mixer...

I agree it is confusing, and a known bug, that solo/silence in mixer on the score doesn't affect the export at all for the main score, but does for the linked parts, see #21854: Mixer "solo" doesn't apply in audio export (though mute does).

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No, your music is a single score containing for *staves*. You don't get *parts* - four separate scores each containing a single staff - until you make that happen, by going to File / Parts (look again - this should *not* be greyed out), then hitting the "New All" button to automatically generate a part for every staff. Then hit OK. You will see four new tabs show up on the screen - on each for S, A, T, and B.

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