[1.1] Changing font properties for dynamic causes "p" to disappear, undo leads to crash

• May 5, 2011 - 00:19
S4 - Minor

MuseScore 1.0
Fedora 12
Steps to reproduce:
1. Create sample score and place some notes
2. Place piano (p) from dynamic palette
3. Right click on dynamic, choose text properties and change font size for something else
Expected behaviour: the size of piano (dynamic) sign should change
Actual behaviour: the piano dynamic sign dissapears.
Try to undo with Ctrl+Z -> crash.
This happens only with "p" dynamic sign. All the others dynamics changes font size without problem.



I'm having the same problem:

version 1.1, rev. 4611
Vista Business

Steps to reproduce:

1. click and drag "p" dynamic to a note from dynamics palette
2. right click "p", chose "text properties"
3. change anything, click "ok"
expected behaviour: text properties change according to new settings
actual behaviour: "p" sign disappears
4. click "undo" or press "ctrl+z"
program crashes, unsaved changes lost


1. drag and drop "pp" or "mp" to desired place in the score
2. right click and change desired properties in dialogue box, click ok
3. wait about 1 sec for the program to refresh the sign
4. double click the sign, and delete one of the "p"-s or the "m"

it won't be played as "p", but won't mess up your work either. :)

Here's something simpler that worked for me:

1. Place the 'p' symbol
2. Double-click to edit, but don't edit, click click off the 'p' to edit editing
3. Now change the size, font, etc, it should work

Title Changing font properties for dynamic causes "p" to disappear, undo leads to crash [1.1] Changing font properties for dynamic causes "p" to disappear, undo leads to crash

I had no problem reproducing it using the steps from the Perotinus. Win7 MS 1.2 R5193. Only the 'P' dynamic, though. I created a piano score, added some notes and dragged every dynamic symbol over. I modded each one to 12point and only the 'p' disappeared. It was still not visible on a reload.

One maybe unnoticed side-effect: the 'ppp' symbol, once you simply open the text properties, exit save and reload the score, is now attached to the horizontal frame containing the score name instead of where it was attached. Happens every time I modify the text properties on 'ppp'.

For f, mf etc... it seems to work but if you right click on it you don't have access to MIDI properties anymore. The Dynamic object is changed into a simple staff text object. I can fix that, I can fix the disappearance and the crash on undo as well but... if I do so the resizing doesn't work anymore...

I propose to remove the Text properties menu in MuseScore 1.2 on dynamics. the majority of the features are accessible by double clicking the text and using the text toolbar.

Would you pease do it in a way that the the frame feature remains available, it is very useful. By the way it would be useful to be able to frame other marks, as well, especially hairpins. (In vocal scores normal dynamics may apply to one staff only, framed dynamics to every voices.)

Status (old) needs info fixed

The crash should be fixed in r5205(branch) and the created text when changing any properties is now a dynamic.
Still, the size does not changed. That will be solved in MuseScore 2.0 and the new text style handling.