Custom palette - cannot add custom time signature

• Apr 18, 2016 - 09:17

I discovered (Ok, was informed) that it is possible to create a custom workspace and then edit existing palettes.

So, I created a new workspace based on the advanced workspace.
I then opened the time signature palette.
I clicked on a time signature in my score - 3/2 - and tried to drag it onto the palette => didn't work.
Read better the instructions, held down Ctrl + Shift and tried to drag it onto the palette => still didn't work.
Even tried variations, releasing the mouse first and then the keys, first the keys and then the mouse, all together => nope, didn't work.

Is this a bug or by design ?


Probably, you have forgotten to enable the palettes editing.
So: right-click on a palette, and tick: "Enable Editing"

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Yes. Can you post a screenshot with the right click menu for the Time Signatures palette open, so we can verify you have really enabled editing? Also a screenshot of the Master Palette with the Time Signatures section open and the specific time signature you are trying to add selected, so we can see what that looks like.

EDIT: I see you are trying to drag *from your score*. That is indeed not possible for time signatures, I think - you need to drag from the Master Palette.

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Ok, don't need to go any further, I think.
I had not understood that it was possible to define new time signatures in the master palette.
Have just found this and it is exactly what I needed.

I was indeed trying to drag time signatures from the score onto the custom workspace palette.
Now I create the one I need in the master palette and drag it onto my custom one.

This has solved my need.
Do you require anymore info ?

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