Nightly R4292 factory reset

• May 18, 2011 - 16:58
S4 - Minor

The "factory reset" feature of the nightly build is broken. I had left my previous nightly in a bad state and so when I downloaded the latest R4292, I had to factory reset. This is what the main window looks like upon first launch:

main window

I've included the bad musescore1.ini that is initially created after the reset.

The workaround is:
1. Manually delete the musescore1.ini
2. Launch MS and let it create the INI
3. Go to preferences and "reset to default"
4. Quit and re-launch

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One thing I noticed when I was doing the factory reset was the sound font path reverted back to having a double slash in it ("path//sound/soundfont"). In mscore.cpp there is a snippet of code that might be the problem...

else {
preferences.soundFont = mscoreGlobalShare + "/sound/TimGM6mb.sf2";

I wonder if the leading "/" should be gone? I won't know if this is true until I test tonights build and do a reset to check the path. Can you?

[Edit] Never mind. Since the factory reset function is broken, I suspect things will be OK. The soundfont path is broken initially, but as soon as I do a "reset to default" under preferences it is fixed. I suspect the factory reset works fine and I hope to find out tonight.

The soundFont path should be ok. The offending line is gone. Btw. there shoud be no problem with double slashes (at least on linux). The new default setting also enables the palette and sets the color scheme.

"Btw. there shoud be no problem with double slashes (at least on linux). "

For info, you can't have "//" in a path under Windows.

Thanks for the fix! I look forward to testing it.